Rose Theater

RM 180.00

Produk Info

The North Park frame is classy, mixing metal and polycarbonate elements with signature Blenders detailing. The classic stripes you've grown to love have a bit more subtlety to them here, engraved on the arms and thinned out nicely. You'll notice a nod to our home state of California on the interior of the left arm tip with a small imprint of the bear from the state flag proudly facing forward

Pink is a great color. Cool and flirty, soft but also flashy. Some people wear pink to express their feminine side, others to flaunt gender norms. And plenty wear it just because it looks so nice! Whatever your reason, if you love pink, you’ll love our ‘Rose Theater’ Shades. Their pink mirror lenses stylishly reflect your surroundings. 

Look at those pink lenses! If you love the color, how can you say no?


- Soft Matte Black / Rose Texture

- Cr39 Rose Mirrored Lenses

- Maximum Comfortability 
- Size: 54-20-145mm

- Microfiber Pouch Included