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Sundown was about an hour ago. There hasn’t been an evening this nice in a while, so you step out to your porch to enjoy a drink. Countless stars pepper the kind of lovely post-twilight blue that eases the mind into complete contentment. “It’s warm,” you think to yourself. “Unseasonably so.” As you raise your glass for another sip, you notice something strange on the surface of your drink. Ripples. Tiny, intensifying ripples. For the first time, the evening doesn’t seem quite right. Your heart beats a tick faster as you notice a hum quickly building in the distance, but before you can give it a second thought, a brilliant, near-blinding flash of blue-green light illuminates the sky in front of you...

Something is here.

A flash of extraterrestrial green sweeps down the right arm and across the front frame like a tractor beam scanning a moonlit field. This mysterious neon ray fades to a gentle fluorescent blue before continuing down the left arm in an expanse of deep twilight. Complementary K-logos (green arm with blue K-logo and vice-versa) balance the pair, while cosmic green polarized lenses and a “little-green-man” lens etch lend one last touch of the unknown.

Designed on one of our most popular frame styles, the Fast Lanes feature clean-cut, rectangular lenses, and provide full UV400 sun protection. Every pair comes with a first-contact protective pouch and a hand-numbered edition card. 

  • Extraterrestrial green down the right arm fading to a fluorescent blue down the left arm.
  • Cosmic green polarized lenses
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with full UV400 protection
  • Complementary K logos (green arm with blue K-logo and vice-versa)
  • First-contact protective pouch
  • Hand-numbered edition card


Featuring clean-cut, rectangular lenses, these sunglasses look great on medium to larger face shapes.

Lens Width53 mm
Lens Height44 mm
Nose Bridge17 mm
Arm Length142 mm

Fast Lanes sizing chart