RM 150.00

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***Limited Edition***

OK, so, we’ve got a 72-hour, non-stop bender featuring pool parties, dancing, DJs, and a private clifftop estate soiree in Mexico. What do we put on the Groove Cruise’s official sunglasses that can possibly embody all this awesomeness???

A Star Dolphin. A friggin’ Star Dolphin.??

No joke. While the Groove Cruise insignia is tastefully mapped to the top corner of the polarized smoke lenses, these bad boys have frames that reflect the trippy aesthetic of the included microfiber pouch’s “Star Dolphin.” It’s a kaleidoscope of greens, blues, silver, white, and midnight black, a vivid display that carries all the electric vivacity the cruise itself has to offer. The interior of the frames offer a dope pop of contrast with the all-white coloring, too. In sum: Definitely worth a purchase.


- Dolphin Print

- Smoke Polarized Lenses

- Maximum Comfortability 
- Size: 54-18-135mm

- Microfiber Pouch Included