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Produk Info almost feels like that could be everyone’s mantra for 2020. Sometimes plans don’t work out. That’s life. But rolling with the punches, growing, moving forward—it’s what we humans are made for. We’re built to #JustShowUp.

But moving forward needs to go beyond “weathering the storm.” Moving forward means looking outside our bubbles, learning from what we see, hear, and feel, and incorporating that into our everyday actions. It means getting comfortable being uncomfortable. It means educating ourselves on the inequalities that exist in this world. It means committing to a removal of the systemic barriers, like racism, discrimination, and patriarchy, that create those inequalities. Moving forward means showing up for our communities.

So show up when you don’t feel like it. Show up when it’s uncomfortable. Show up for those who wish you would but can’t ask. Show up even when no one else does. #JustShowUp.

The #JustShowUp II’s call to mind those arctic Minneapolis mornings we’ve all heard about (or experienced first hand). The front frame gently fades from frosty white up to a cool early-morning blue, like a cloud of fresh snow swirling in the new light of dawn. This hazy ombré continues down each arm, with glacial blue at the hinges softly fading into icy tips as a silhouetted stand of pine trees lines the foreground. Snowfall K-logos and ice-blue lenses round out this wintry pair, and embedded rubber nose pads ensure they’ll stay in place no matter how hard the burnout has you sweating.

Designed on our best-selling frame style, the Premiums Sport are form-fitting, universally flattering, provide full UV400 sun protection, and feature embedded rubber nose pads to reduce slip, slide, and bounce. Every pair comes with a tundra treeline protective soft case.

  • Frosty white up to a cool early-morning blue fade fronts
  • Silhouetted stand of pine trees down the arms
  • Ice-blue rubber nose pads
  • Polarized ice-blue lenses
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with full UV400 protection
  • White K logos
  • Tundra treeline protective soft case

Produk Info

Knockaround Premiums provide a slightly wider and more accommodating fit than the Classics, making them a perfect fit for most face sizes and shapes.

Lens Width51 mm
Lens Height44 mm
Nose Bridge18 mm
Arm Length143 mm

Premiums sizing chart